Early Days

Baltic Mortgage Solutions Limited was formed towards the end of 2007 and was incorporated on 29th January 2008. Formed as start-up company with a limited client bank and with no reputation in what was the beginning of the credit crunch which has ultimately led to the demise of as many as half the brokers who operated in this sector prior to 2008.

The company was founded on the principles of outstanding relationships with its clients, approachable and open advice.  Originally appointments were carried out in the Baltic Quay Apartment Link prior to moving to the current offices in Wallsend which have been the company’s base since 2010.

Baltic quickly grew in size due to the recruitment of quality experienced brokers and office staff and through word of mouth referrals from existing clients whom we still rely on so much of our new business from even today.

Where are we?

The current Wallsend office now has a dedicated client liaison suite where you can see advisers or visit your very own dedicated case manager for updates on your application and with a specialist insurance department something desperately needed for a company which completed on more than 700 mortgage transactions in 2013.

The company has grown in size very quickly over the last 6 years however it has never deviated from its mission statement to look after the relationships with our client above all else, which is the main reason why it has been able to flourish under such hostile economic conditions and which make it best placed for taking the industry forward.